Progresso, Lomas, Perota & Salitrillo

On December 26th our leader Vicki and 15 Volunteers took to the road to give shoes out to 3 new colonias  and a program that was brought to the attention of Cheryl’s Shoebox.

The program is one that Pastor Mario Santillan has put together in 4 colonias (Progresso, Lomas, Perota & Salitrillo).

The after­ school programs are located in several communities where drugs, alcohol and poverty are on going problems. Some children quit going to school in their early teens because of the poverty. The after­ school program includes a hot meal, English classes, and help with schoolwork.

These after­ school programs also bring in professionals (e.g. firefighters, police and nurses) to speak with the children. The positive effect on the children is great and worthy of all the support we can give to assist these programs.

On Saturday we were able to put over 300 pairs of shoes on some very happy children.

We could not have done this without our volunteers.. Thanks to every one of you for a great day!

Pastor Mario Santillan
Ron Almstead
Maureen Faickney-Gould
Will Horton
All the volunteers from Paradise Community Center
Lewis and Josh Moreno
Adam Bishop.

Thank you all!

Pictures to Follow. IMG_0351