Shoe Decorating Contest – 4th Annual Cheryls Shoebox Summer Bash

Our Second Annual Shoe Decorating Contest is a great way for anyone to help raise funds the day of the 4th Annual Cheryl’s Shoebox Summer Bash

Take a shoe, any old shoe will do (reserve new shoes for donations, please), pump up your creativity and bling it out. , silly, funky, themed, ugly or over-the-top, whatever you need to do to wedge out the competition!

Bring your decorated shoe to the event to be on display where guests can insert pesos into the shoe as donations. The shoe designer with the most pesos wins 50%! 




2018 Winner Tammy Carruthers Prust of Nacho Daddy .

Tammy Carruthers Prust of Nacho Daddy was our runaway winner from last year’s competition with her Cheryl’s Boot entry. She’ll be the one to beat this year.

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