About Cheryl’s Shoebox

Our Vision: To increase the quality of education in disadvantaged schools throughout the Banderas Bay region by providing shoes, school shoes and school materials to students as well as educational supplies to teachers. Our vision for a healthier and greater community also includes assisting families in need by direct outreach or by working with community leaders with established programs.


Cheryl's Shoe Box chosen as the British American School's 7th grade "Me to We" community service project.

Cheryl’s Shoe Box chosen as the British American School’s 7th grade “Me to We” community service project.

History of Cheryl’s Shoebox

Cheryl Schrean and her biggest fan.- Cheryl's Birthday Shoe Distribution in Chimo, Mexico.

Cheryl Schrean and her biggest fan.
Cheryl’s Birthday Shoe Distribution in Chimo, Mexico.

After vacationing in Puerto Vallarta for over 15 years, Cheryl Schrean made Mexico her home in 2010. Cheryl put a unique stamp on everything she did, including the many volunteer projects she was involved in around the city. After many friends asking what they could do to help, she started suggesting shoes. Cheryl started collecting shoes for various fundraisers and in 2011 started her own charity, “Cheryl’s Shoebox”. By 2013, Cheryl, with the help of many friends and the supportive local businesses, distributed over 4,000 pairs of shoes that year alone.

Cheryl donated her time and effort to many charities in Puerto Vallarta over the years she lived here.

Today we are continuing the shoebox in her memory.

Cheryl’s Shoebox continues to grow collecting hundreds of shoes a year from visitors around the world and we have expanded to work with schools in low income areas by providing school shoes, educational supplies and support to educators. In 2016 Cheryl’s Shoebox will also assist the newly constructed Banderas Bay Women’s Shelter as well as assistance to families in need due to financial or disaster relief.

How to help?

We have 3 simple ways to help with Cheryl’s ShoeBox

  1. Click here to donate a cash donation through Casa Jojo Foundation.
    Casa JoJo Foundation is a 501(c)3 Non Profit and generously handles all PayPal donations made to Cheryl’s Shoebox.
  2. Drop off a pair of shoes at one of our drop off locations listed here.
  3. Volunteer at one of our shoe distributions event. Please contact Vicki@cherylsshoebox.org for more information.