Back to School with Cheryl’s Shoebox – Progeso , Del Villar, Lomas de Enmedio and Parota.

On Thursday September 22nd, Cheryl’s Shoebox visited the colonia’s of Progeso and Del Villar. This trip we were able to supply backpacks and school supplies to 40 secondary and 50 primary Students. 90 School Kits and Back Packs in Total!
The following Saturday we we scheduled 2 more events in the colonia’s Lomas de Enmedio and Parota distributing an additional 110  School Kits!
Pastor Mario Stantillan and Ron Almsted and their Out Reach Program has been an absolute joy to work with and we look forward to continuing this relationship.
Thanks to all our supporters who make Cheryl’s Shoebox Possible!
A big thank you to our volunteers:
Dean McConkey, Greg and Doris Anderson, Gary Spark, Giorgia Fara, Sterling O’Ran, Adam Bishop, and Giorgia Fara.

PayPal donations can be made for shoe purchases at and our School Kit fundraising drive can be found at

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