Benito Juárez School, Chimo Jalisco

A big thank you to all our supporters that helped us reach one of our goals for this year.  As part of our outlying community programs we have successfully worked with the Benito Juárez School in Chimo, Jalisco and were able to supply school shoes for all 74 Students.

It was an exciting day in Chimo Friday August 14th as we were greeted by the town sheriff, principal , teachers and many enthusiastic students.


Working with individual schools making sure each student has the correct size can be  a big job. A special thanks to brothers  Jorge Gutierrez Reynoso and  Hugo Gutierrez of La Super Zapateria (271 Independencia, Pitillal)  and Centro Zapatero (575 Juarez, Centro) for your generous help and pricing for each of our projects.


Cheryl’s Shoebox looks forward to an ongoing relationship with the Benito Juárez School and the beautiful community of Chimo.

We will be posting pictures soon of this wonderful day.