Cheryl’s Shoebox and Brighter Future Building Communities

It is a great feeling when people reach out to Cheryl’s Shoebox for assistance and we are able to help. Last week we worked with “Brighter Future Building Communities” to supply migrant farm workers and their families working in and around Punte Perala with shoes, soccer balls, and clothing.

Cheryl’s shoebox donated 43 pairs of custom fit new Huaraches (sturdy leather work shoes) and about 50 pairs of used shoes. Freda Thompson donated new clothing and soccer balls and Tammy Carruthers Prust from Nacho Daddy Restaurant supplied new underwear and clothing.

A great community effort by all!

Learn More about Brighter Future Building Communities here on their Facebook Page:

Brighter Future Building Communities is a volunteer effort dedicated to improving the quality of life of vulnerable families and children.
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