El Colorado After School Program

el-colorado-2On October 11th we completed our school year giveaways. We put new tennis shoes on the 112 students in the after school program located in the colonia of El Colorado, which is in an area out past Ixtapa.

This program was started by Pastor Ric Lehman and CompasioNet. They have a wonderful teacher there Lore, who works beautifully with these children.
We were greeted by the children in English saying “Hello how are you? We are fine thank you” and singing of the ABC song. It was a wonderful presentation to welcome and thank us.

We then proceeded to fitting them with new tennis shoes. They were all delighted!
Thank you to our volunteers of the day Debbie Doucette, and Sterling O’Ran.
As well as all of our generous donators, none of this would be possible without your giving hearts!

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