Above and Beyond! Thank you Maureen

Thank you Maureen Faickney-Gould for your generous donation of time and fund-raising year after year.  Maureen has gone out and found a shoemaker  of women’s  shoes  at a great price. 150 pairs made  already!

Beyond going directly to the source Maureen was able to purchase these shoes with the help of her donors.

Thank you Maureen and your donors:
Joe Vargas
Jill Replinger
Sue Ridout
Kathy Horton
Dawn McConnell (Amazing work on the drop off boxes by the way! )
Adrianna from Thirsty Cougar
Don Olsen from Captain Don’s
Chris Hammer from Munchies
Gabby from All Access

and of course Luis Ramirez the Shoemaker / el zapatero

Gracias a todos!!!christmas day project 2011 4